Grab your backpack Alex, our adventure starts here!

‚ÄčDrustcraft is a community driven, role playing Minecraft server that supports both Bedrock and Java players, also known as a hybrid server.

By community driven, we mean that over time, the storyline, environment, and challenges change, based on in-game and external events, by special players called builders.

This wiki contains all the details you need for your Drustcraft experiance as well as information for moderators and builders to run your own mini adventures or expand the game for future seasons.

Before you can join the server, you are required to register online and are expected to always follow the server's rules. That way everyone can have a fun and safe game.

- nomadjimbob

What is Drustcraft?

Drustcraft is a Minecraft server that runs a collection of scripts and plugins, designed to follow a storyline for players to explore and learn while giving schools, libraries and organisations the ability to focus on running sessions instead of maintaining a server.

It is a fork of on the State Library of Queenslands QLD Minecraft server.

The core of Drustcraft is made up of:

  • A Minecraft Server

  • Denizen Scripting Plugin

  • Apache Web Server with PHP

  • Linux Shell Scripts

This wiki contains the playing world documentation (information about NPCs, towns, mobs, etc) as well as developers/scripting documentation (for modifying and extending the game's mechanics).

Most of the scripting files (Denizen, PHP, and shell scripts) are available on the Drustcraft GitHub page and can be downloaded and used by others in your own world. The world data files as described in this wiki, are however not available for download, due to their size.