Activities allow Moderators to automatically teleport players from wherever they are in Drustcraft to your scheduled activity, ready to participate!

Once your activity is finished, the players will return to their original locations to continue their previous adventures.

Activity Lists and Information

If you would like to see all the currently created activities, use the command /activity list which will return a list of activity ids.

To get further information around a specific activity, use the command /activity info <id>

Moderators can only view and edit activities that are:

  • originally created by them or

  • the activity contains the Moderator as a player or

  • the activity contains a group in which the Moderator is included

Creating an Activity

To create an activity, use the command /activity create <id> The id is required to be unique. Once created, you will use the id as a reference for any additional options or changes.

Once your activity is created, you need to set a few options below for it to take effect.

Adding a Title

An activities title is optional, however recommended as the title will be used over the id when referenced to players.

For example, if you where to create an activity with the id my_cool_activity that had a spawn point and a starting date/time for players to be automatically teleported, online players would receive the message:

The activity my_cool_activity begins in 5 minutes. You will be teleported to the activity once it starts.

Instead, you can give the activity a friendly title with the command /activity settitle <id> <title>

With the above example, if you ran /activity settitle my_cool_activity My Cool Activity, players would instead receive:

The activity My Cool Activity begins in 5 minutes. You will be teleported to the activity once it starts.

Starting Time and Duration

Activities require at a minimum a starting date/time to be enabled. Use the command /activity start <id> <yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm> to set the starting date and time.

The default duration of an activity is 1 hour. This duration can be changed using /activity duration <id> <number(h|m)>

Once the duration is reached, the activity is considered completed and players will be teleported back to their original locations. Players participating within an activity will receive a 5 minute countdown message when the activity nears completion.

To extend an activity, use the command /activity extend <id> <number(h|m)>

Alternately, if you wish to end an activity early, use the command /activity end <id>

If you have a player whom no longer wishes to participate in an activity, use the command /activity endplayer <id> to end the activity for them early. They will be teleported back to their original location.

Spawn Point

An activity can have a spawn point. This location is used to teleport the specified players when the activity starts, or if the option is enabled, when a player respawns after a death.

If the player is already joined the server before the activity starts, they will receive a notice of the teleportation 5 minutes before it occurs.

Players whom join the server after the activities starting time will be teleported to the spawn point while the activity is still within its duration period.

To set the Spawn Point, move yourself to the location and use the command /activity setspawn <id>

If you wish to clear an activities spawn point, you can use the command /activity clearspawn <id>

Spawn points only work if the activity has a starting time and players/groups set

By default, if a player dies during an activity, they will respawn at the set spawn point. If you do not wish this to occur, you can disable using /activity respawn <id> false

Players and Groups

Activites require at least a list of players, or a group set in order for it to be active.

You can add a player or group to an activity with the commands:

/activity addplayer <id> <player> /activity addgroup <id> <group>

Alternatively you can use the remplayer and remgroup to remove a player or group from an activity.


By default, a participating player's inventory will be saved before the activity begins and restored to its original state afterwards.

If you do not wish for this to occur, use the command /activity restoreinv <id> false to disable the restore inventory flag. This is generally not recommended as it may upset the gameplay balance if players obtain special items during the activity. Instead it is recommended to use the reward system for activity participation.

You can also set player inventories (also known as kits) for an activity by using the /activity kit <id> command. Once you enter this command, your gamemode will change to creative and your inventory set to the activities current kit setting. Using your inventory, you can add and remove items to the kit and once finished, use the command /activity kit <id> save which will save the kit and restore your gamemode. If you do not wish to save the kit, use the option /activity kit <id> cancel


If I, as a Moderator that managed the cairns group of players, wanted to create a new activity, that was:

  • on Thursday 3rd December at 4pm

  • runs for 2 hours

  • teleports the cairns group of players to inside Rowe

  • was to not disrupt any previous player gameplay

  • allowed a fellow staff member to also edit this activity at a later date

I would use the following commands:

To first create the activity /activity create cairns_creative Set the player friendly title /activity title Cairns Creative Then to set its starting time /activity start cairns_creative 2020/12/03 16:00 Change the duration from the default of 1 hour to 2 hours /activity duration cairns_creative 2h

I would first use the command

/activity create

Was to start Thursday


was to run for the group of players cairns, on Thursday 3rd December at 4pm and runs for 2 hours, you would use the following commands