World Editing

Drustcraft uses the Fast Async World Edit (similar to the WorldEdit plugin) plugin for easy world editing. You can view all the available commands and options over on its own wiki.

Like any commands within this section of the wiki, you are required to be inside a region that you have permission to edit, and be in builder mode by entering the command /builder


This wiki will cover the basics of using WorldEdit, for more advanced information of all the commands, visit the Fast Async World Edit wiki.

Wand / Selections

Almost everything you do within WorldEdit will involve a selection of blocks. You can make a selection by equiping the wand tool (//wand) and selecting the starting and editing blocks of your selection.

Setting Blocks

Everything in Minecraft is a block, even air. With your selection you can use the //set <block> command to change everything within your selection to that block.

//set oak_planks - will set the selection to Oak planks //set air - will set the selection to air //set 40%cobblestone,60%coarse_dirt - will set each block within the selection to a 40% change being cobblestone and 60% change of coarse dirt


Typical paths within the Drustcraft world use the following materials:

//expand 3 up
//replace grass,tall_grass air
//replace >grass_block 1%stone_button[face=floor],1%spruce_trapdoor,98%air
//replace grass_block 49%podzol,49%coarse_dirt,1%cobblestone,1%grass_block

Plans: 49%podzol,50%coarsedirt,1%cobblestone