Drustcraft builders help design the game, creating new areas, building on the storyline for everyone to have fun!

Builder Mode

When you log into Drustcraft, all players are set to a standard player with normal permissions. To toggle builder mode, move to a region that you have permission to edit and type the command /builder into the game chat.

This will toggle builder mode. Note that while in builder mode, some game elements may change compared to normal play such as:

  • Game-modes may not automatically change

  • You may be removed from activities and events

  • Interacting with NPCs may be in an edit mode

  • Region titles and teleporters may not work

The builder command takes the format of /builder [(toggle|enable|disable)] and if enabled, the player will change to a game-mode of creative, alternatively a player will change to a game-mode of survival when disabled.

If you move into a region that you do not have permission to edit, you will exit builder mode.

Exiting builder mode will change the player to a survival game-mode even if the region the player is currently within is set to creative. The player will be required to leave and re-enter the region for the correct game-mode to be applied.

Game Mechanics

At its heart, Drustcraft is a MMORG that players travel around, performing quests, trading with NPCs and having fun with friends and anything that is created within the Drustcraft universe needs to fit as best as possible to:

  • Not break the playability of the game

  • Make sense to all players, fitting within the storyline

  • Make sense within the Minecraft vanilla mechanics

To better explain the above, here are a few examples:

Creating a region that only allows a a group of players to enter - when a player arrives at that area that they are not part of, they will hit an unexplained invisible wall, while possibly seeing other players continue to walk past. This may be seen as a bug by that player. Instead create a wall around the area and place a few NPC guards who respond to non-group players with the text "this area is only available for X players"

Creating a Arena or Creative region - Arenas and creative regions typically do not fit within the Drustcraft storyline, however are seen as an essential part of the Drustcraft experience. To fit them within the universe, they are placed in areas that are 'out-of-the-way' and hidden from the Drustcraft storyline itself. Players have to actively enter the area willingly and can't just 'stumble' apon it with game-modes and experiances changing unexpectedly.

Creating a nether looking portal that teleports players to another area (not the nether) - when players see a nether portal, they expect it will take them to the nether world. This is a Minecraft vanilla element that should not be overridden. Instead design another mechanic that acts like a portal. The Jaadu portals are simple with a Jaadu NPC and as they all look similar, players quickly learn what a Jaadu portal is and what it does