Creating a Plot

In game, you can create a plot by defining the region of the plot itself using the //wand item. Ensure that the region also contains a height using the //expand command. You will also require an NPC id, identifying the plot deeds initial seller (or where the plot deed is to return to when dropped by a player and left in the world for a period of time) and the name of the plot itself.

Once you have selected the region, create the plot using the command /plot create <name> <npc_id> [initial_price]

If the plots name contains spaces, you will be required to encapsulate the name in quotes.

The NPC is required to have the vendor trait set to be successful

If successful, the command will display the plots ID and the plot deed item will be available at the NPC itself the initial price set (if none is set, the default is free).

A plot can also be created using the task qldminecraft.plot.create passing a cuboid, name, npc and price as a definition.

# Create a plot using the players world edit selection, the name "1 York St",
# the closest NPC and a value of 1 gold. Then narrate the plots ID
- ~run qldminecraft.plot.create 'def:<player.we_selection>|1 York St|<player.location.find.npcs.within[10].get[1]>|10000 save:result
- narrate <entry[result].created_queue.determination[1]>

Removing a plot

A plot can be removed using the command /plot <id> remove

Removing a plot will not remove the plot deed from the game. To remove a plot deed, use the item.remove task

Plots can be removed using the qldminecraft.plot.remove task with a plot ID as the definition.

# Remove plot ID 514
- run qldminecraft.plot.remove def:514

Changing a plots region

With a new region selecting using the //wand tool, you can change a plots region using the command /plot update <id>

Plot Owner

A plot owner is the last player whom had a qldminecraft_plotdeed_item item that contained the plots uuid as its value. A player does not require to hold a qldminecraft_plotdeed_item item in their inventory, however it is advisable to store it in a safe location such as a chest on their plot or at a bank.

Get a plot owner

You can retrieve a plots owner by using the command /plot <id> owner

The procedure qldminecraftp.plot.owner passing the plots id as the context will either return the owners uuid or <empty> if there is no owner.

# Retreive a plots last owner and narrates it to the player
- define plot_owner:<proc[qldminecraftp.plot.owner].context[12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012]>
- if <[plot_owner]> == <empty>:
- narrate 'The plot has no owner'
- else:
- narrate 'The plot owner is <server.match_player[<[plot_owner]>].name>'

Set a plot owner

You can set a plots owner by using the task qldminecraft.plot.setowner and passing the plots ID and a player object as a definition. To set the plot as no owner, pass an <empty> object instead of a player.

Any signs associated with the plot will also be updated

This task only changed the value stored in the database and does not add or remove any associated qldminecraft_plotdeed_item items with the world

# Set a plot to the current player
- run qldminecraft.plot.setowner def:12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012|<player>