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Teleporters are used in vanilla Minecraft to teleport the player between the overworld, to the nether world and the end. There are also teleporters hidden throughout the Drustcraft world to enable players to teleport between various locations.

About Drustcraft teleporters

The teleporters within Drustcraft have there own developing story around them. Near each active teleporter is a being with the name Jaadu. They do not talk or move at anypoint, only they disappear when the teleporter no longer functions. At this point, no one knows anything else about the Jaadu connection with the teleporters hidden around the world.

Drustcraft teleporters should be used sparingly as to not make it easy for players to quickly travel around the world, as they may miss other areas or important storylines.

Creating a Teleporter

Drustcraft teleporters are hidden and consume a of a 9 x 9 space, with the outer blocks being Prismarine bricks.

In the centre of each wall is a sea lantern when the teleporter is active or just a glass brick when not. When a teleporter is active, a Jaadu NPC needs to be created near it by using the commands:

/npc create Jaadu
/npc skin --url

The teleporter requires the coordinates to teleport the player to, visit that location and make note of the X, Y and Z values.

Using the //wand tool, select the teleporter and create a new region in the format of tp_<from>_<to>

For example, for a teleporter that is in Ironport, that is to teleport the player to Lucas Station, I would enter /rg create tp_ironport_lucasstation.

You then need to set the flag teleport-on-entry to the noted coordinates, each axis separated by a comma, and no spaces. If you wanted players teleported to X: -126, Y: 62, Z: -995, you would enter it as /rg flag tp_ironport_lucasstation teleport-on-entry -126,62,-995

Disabling a Teleporter

Teleporters are not meant to live forever and from time to time will become disabled, or change their teleport location. This adds a sense of uncertainity and mysterious for players using the Jaadu teleporter system.

To disable a teleporter, first you need to remove the Jaadu NPC by equiping a stick and clicking on the Jaadu NPC. Once selected, enter the command /npc delete

Next you are required to remove the teleport-on-entry flag from the region. This is simply done by entering /rg flag <region_id> teleport-on-entry By providing no value, it will clear that flag from the region.

And finally, you need to replace the Sea lanterns with glass bricks so it appears disabled to players.

Changing a Teleporters teleport location

This can be done easily by noting down the new location to teleport players to and re-entering the teleporter regions teleport-on-entry flag as per creating a teleporter.