Below are some of the most common questions around the Drustcraft server...

Where can I get help or answers?

If you cannot find what you are after in this wiki or have a question, don't hesitate to reach out at one of the following channels:

Can we play on the Drustcraft server?

Why yes, you can get started for free on the Drustcraft server by visiting the Drustcraft website and registering.

We will need your email address, real name and the city of where you live. This information is not shared with anyone outside of our leaders and admin team and is used to contact you for account or server related information.

What do I need to play on the Drustcraft server?

  • You require a full, licensed copy of Minecraft for PC or Mac

  • Tablet users can connect to our Minecraft server, however, some features may not be available due to limitations with the tablet version of Minecraft

  • If you are under 16 years of age, you require parental consent with your registration

Is it really free to play?

Yes, it is currently free to play on the Drustcraft servers. However it does cost money and time to maintain the server infrastructure, so donations are appreciated.

In the future, we may add a small fee to access new seasons and areas, as well as charge organisations a small fee for region privileges.

When does new seasons come out?

Seasons are a continuation of the Drustcraft storyline and typically include major changes to the world environment itself. New seasons are released around January, April, July and October.

Between seasons, there maybe updates released to fix bugs which may change some previous content, depending on what we have had to do to fix the issue.

Can you add [plugin/idea/mob/feature] onto the server?

Short answer: maybe. Contact us using one of the various methods and we will see what we can do.

Long answer: Drustcraft is used by a lot of people and organisations for a variety of different reasons and any changes or features we add need to take this into account. We also need to ensure that the gameplay and mechanics work seemlessly across PC and Tablet players and that the game is fair and balanced for everyone.

We do encourage people to send us feedback and suggestions on the direction you would like to see Drustcraft take, however at times it may not be as simple as installing a new plugin or resource pack, we may need to recreate the feature from scratch in code to work across Java and Bedrock players, and to work correctly within the creative and survival regions, battle arenas and quest instances.