A player can be given a notice about their action which may not be serious enough for a warning, but the player/s needs to be informed that if they continue, they will receive a warning.

A notice could be issued for the following reasons:

  • 2 players are bickering in-game, however have not yet used harsh language

  • A player is becoming annoying to others in a playful manner, however is now taking it a little to far

A notice is stored on the Drustcraft account, however does not affect a users warning or ban timings.

To issue a notice, use the command:

/notice <player>[,<player>] <reason>

For example, to issue the player nomadjimbob a notice with the reason "Annoying players"

/notice nomadjimbob Annoying players

You can also notice multiple players at the same time, for example arguing:

/notice nomadjimbob,*WalkingJimmy,MisterCobra1234 Arguing

When entering multiple players, seperate each player with a comma, but do not include any spaces.

A reason can be either direct text or you can use a predetermined reason by entering @<reason>