Warnings & Bans

Moderators have the special task of marshalling players and ensuring everyone can play in a safe environment.


The main mechinism in controlling player behaviour is the Warning system. When a player breaks the rules in a non-serious manner, a moderator can issue a warning to a player by using the /warn <player> <reason> command.

For example, if I wanted to warn the player nomadjimbob for breaching the first rule, I would use the command as:

/warn nomadjimbob Be kind to other players

As the player accumulates warnings, the action taken will become more severe. The action taken can be viewed on the Rules ≫ Warnings page of this wiki.

Warnings can only be issued by players with the Moderator permission, however can be issued against any player, including other Moderators!


Temporary bans occur when a player receives 3 or more warnings over the lifetime of their account, followed by a permanent ban on their 10th offence.


Temporary bans can be issued by Moderators by using the command /tempban <player> <Xd|Xh|Xm> <reason>

Moderators are not generally required to issue temporary bans as it is handled by the warning system.


Permanent bans are reserved for serious breaches, typically considered as:

  • The use of obscene or offensive language (rule 1)

  • Asking for personal information from players (rule 6)

  • Continuing behaviour when asked to stop

  • Breaching rules 7, 8, 9 and/or 11.

  • Breaching rule 10 on purpose or in a way that distrups players unexpectedly

To issue a ban on a player, use the command /ban <player> <reason>. As an example, if you wished to place a permanent ban on the player nomadjimbob for griefing players, you would enter /ban nomadjimbob Griefing players - rule 10.

A player is not required to be online when issuing a ban