Player Moderation

Moderators support the server to make sure that all players are following the rules and respecting each other

Becoming a Moderator

If you are interested in becoming a Moderator, use the registration form on the Drustcraft website and register your interest. When a spot opens up on our Moderator team, we will be in contact.

Organisations who register to use Drustcraft for activities will automatically receive the Moderator role for their staff.

Responsibility of Moderators

Game moderators are required to the best of their ability to enforce the rules of the server and ensure that players are being respectful to each other. This also extends to the Discord server if you are also a Moderator there.

If you see or are told of an issue in-game, we expect you to do the best you can to manage the issue. If you are unsure how to handle something, then at least flag the accounts with warnings and let another Moderator or Developer know about the incident to take further action.

Moderators are not there to solve in-game disputes that are part of the game mechanics itself. Survival areas are free-for-all areas, players are permitted to PvP and loot, attack, even against what another player wishes.

Players and Alts

All Minecraft player accounts should be registered to the same user Account within Drustcraft. This allows the system to apply permissions, notices, and bans to all the player and their alternate accounts.

Players who purposely register alt accounts in Drustcraft to circumvent the warning/banning system may receive a lifetime ban.

Taking action

When someone does break the rules, is disrespectful, or is disrupting the playing experiance, it is up to a Moderator to take the appropriate action. That action can be giving a notice, warning or instant ban, muting a player or placing them in jail/timeout.

The following table may help you in determining which action to take depending on the issue:

Rule No


1 - Be cool, kind and civil


2 - Use an appropriate name and avatar


3 - Do not spam

Notice / Mute

4 - Unnecessary mentioning staff


5 - Self promotion / Advertisements

Notice / Mute

6 - Telling personal information


7 - Harassement and Bullying

Instant Ban

8 - Being racist, sexist or hate speech

Instant Ban

9 - Piracy, sexual or other Not Suitable for Work / School talking / building

Instant Ban

10 - Griefing anywhere in game or stealing/destroying other players creations on their plot or inside a creative area (does not apply in Survival areas)


11 - Entering locations a player is not permitted on purpose or using hacks


These recommendations are for the low end of the scale player actions. If a player is repeatedly ignoring a rule, ignores your notice or warning, or makes a serious action against a player, Instant Ban that player.

Built-in Reasons

The moderation commands require a reason to be supplied to both inform that player/s of why they are receiving the notice/warning/ban as well as recording the offense within their account for other moderators and developers to see.

A reason can be simple text, for example "spamming player chat" or you can use one of the many predefined reasons. To use a predefined reason, use the text "@<reason>"

For example instead of using the warning command for the player nomadjimbob spaming player chat:

/warn nomadjimbob Spaming player chat

you could use the predefined chat:

/warn nomadjimbob @spam

Predefined reasons

Reason ID