Hear ye, hear ye, the following is upcoming news about Drustcraft!

Current issues

The following issues are currently being investigated with the 1.04 hotfix expected to be released during the week starting 4th Jan 2021:

  • Cooldowns not being applied on login and after teleporting

  • Some NPCs have been reset

  • Some quests are not being displayed

  • The plot system is not respecting plot owners

  • Website logins are not working for some players

Last updated 10 Dec 2020

14-Dec-2020: Release 1.03b

The Drustcraft server will be updated to 1.03b at 9pm Monday 14th December. There is no expected downtime for players.

  • New views available at including:

    • 3D views from each direction

    • Biome view

    • Topology view

  • Changes to regions:

    • Builders will be required to be a member of a region to be able to edit within that region. This change does not affect developers.

    • New /rg addbiome, rembiome and biomes to add, remove and list biomes associated to a region is now available and has the following affects:

      • The regions title will only be announced to the player when they are inside the region as well as entering the speficied biome

      • The denizen procedure drustcraft.region.within will take into account any specified biomes.

      • WorldGuard flags will not be affected by the biome setting

7-Dec-2020: Release 1.03

The Drustcraft server will be under maintenance between 7pm Monday 7th December for 2 hours for the upgrade to release 1.03.

This update will fix a ton of bugs and bring the following changes to players:

  • New online Web portal

  • Quests:

    • Quests are now book items that need to be dragged to your inventory to be accepted

    • You can read the book at anytime to see your status of the quest

    • Abandoning a quest is as simple as throwing it out of your inventory

    • When a quest requires you to give items to an NPC, you are required to actually give them by holding it in your hand and right clicking on the NPC

  • Shopkeepers:

    • Now use a trade window insterad of an inventory view. This should solve most of the issues with tablet players previously experienced

  • Money:

    • No longer exists in Drustcraft and trading is now a 100% barter system (well Emeralds will be a main form of currency)

  • Plots:

    • Chests on plots can only be opened by the plot owner

    • Plots ownership is by having a corrosponding plot deed. If you drop the deed and someone else picks it up, that plot is now owned by that player

    • Players who do not log into the game for 45 days will lose their plot and the plots contents

  • Withers/Portals

    • The previous Wither NPCs have been renamed to Jaddu and had a change of skin. This is to not conflict with the Minecraft built-in Withers.

    • The previous Wither portals which looked like Nether portals have been changed to not conflict with the look of Nether portals

    • Some new portals have been created

  • Arenas

    • 3 new arenas are now live

  • Creative Areas

    • A new creative area Jord exists

  • Expansion

    • The world map has been expanded and we have opened up Nether and The End!

Notes for Builders:

Command changes:

  • The /dc command has been replaced by direct commands or third party plugins



Handled by

/dc builder



/dc region

/rg or /region


  • Some functionallity has been pushed out of Denizen to third party plugins

  • Regions are now created using WorldGuard commands. There are extra flags available as well as adding region grouping and limited biome support to WorldGuard externally

  • GameMode Inventories code was taken out of Denizen and now handled by a plugin

  • The Realtime Clock plugin has been removed due to it becoming out-of-sync with the logic added in by Denizen