Need help in-game, use a command!

Drustcraft contains many commands to help out players in their adventures.

The commands listed below are what is available to a standard player. There are many more, both provided by Drustcraft and other plugins, depending on what permissions you have available.


Commands in this wiki are defined using the following format to indicate whether parameters must be a certain type, and are optional or required.

A command parameter takes the form of <keyword> to let the user know that the command is expecting a certain type of parameter. For example, if you see a parameter defined as <player>, the command is expecting a player to be entered (with the < or >).

All parameters are required by a command unless it is surrounded by []. For example the command /test [<player>] indicates that for the test command, specifing a player is optional and not required.

When a list of keywords are surrounded by () and seperated by a | character, this is indicating that the command is expected one of these keywords or types. The command /test (<player>|everyone|none) is indicating that the test command is expected either a player, or either the word everyone or none. In addition, as the parameter it is not surrounded by [], this parameter is required.

Player stuck

If you find yourself stuck within the game, you can use the /stuck command to teleport back to the first spawn location at Ironport.

This command however does cost you half the amount of money you currently have and can take your entire inventory.

Bug Reporting

If you believe you have found a bug on the server that shouldn't be there, you can report it using the /bug command.

When using the /bug command, please enter as much detail as you can about the problem. Your player information such as your location, inventory, quests, the last NPC you interacted with, etc will also be send along with your bug report.

An example of sending a bug report is:

/bug I completed a quest just now, however it did not give me the 3 oak wood rewards


  • /quest is no longer available and has been replaced in build 270 with quest books within a players inventory